A 12-Month Group Coaching Program to Help You Become a Profitable Coach

Self-Study Mastery & Live Mentorship with Carrie Anne Yu

Embark on a transformative self-study journey with Wealth Coach Foundations, meticulously designed by Carrie Anne Yu—a Forbes-featured millionaire mentor. This program is your comprehensive guide to turning your coaching aspirations into a flourishing online business, offering you the flexibility of self-paced learning combined with the dynamic support of live weekly coaching sessions.

Turn Expertise Into Income

Unlock the full potential of your expertise under the guidance of Carrie Anne Yu. Each of the eight self-study modules is crafted to help you design compelling offers, develop impactful programs, and effectively market your services in the digital arena.

Program Structure

Wealth Coach Foundations is divided into eight in-depth modules, each targeting a specific area of your coaching business growth:

Module 1: Crafting Irresistible Offers

Learn the art of creating offers that stand out and attract clients. Dive into the psychology that prompts clients to commit.

Module 2: Program Design Excellence

Structure your coaching programs for maximum effectiveness and scalability. Uncover strategies for developing services that deliver results.

Module 3: Strategic Social Media Marketing

Build a strong online presence and engage with your audience on key platforms. Convert your social media followers into paying clients.

Module 4: Principles of Profit

Embrace key business principles for long-term online profitability. Lay the groundwork for strategic decision-making and success.

Module 5: Online Business Ecosystem

Map out your online coaching business with a clear and actionable blueprint. Integrate systems and tools for business automation and efficiency.

Module 6: Mastering Client Acquisition (Online)

Refine your digital marketing tactics to magnetize and secure clients. Harness the power of social media algorithms in your favor.

Module 7: Mastering Client Acquisition (Offline)

Leverage networking and personal connections to expand your client base. Craft compelling pitches and close deals with confidence.

Module 8: Synthesis and Scaling

Combine your newfound knowledge with practical steps for business growth. Plan and execute strategies to scale your earnings and impact.

Continued Support with Live Coaching

In addition to the self-study modules, you will receive 12 months of live Q&A weekly coaching sessions with Carrie Anne Yu. These sessions are designed to fast-track your success, providing personalized advice and actionable insights to propel your coaching business forward. Even if you cannot attend the live coaching sessions, you are welcome to submit your questions for our Q&A segment. Carrie will address your inquiries during the weekly live coaching session, ensuring no one misses out on the valuable insights.

Live Coaching Replays Are Available In The Group

Don't worry if you miss a live session; we've got you covered. All live coaching sessions are recorded and made available for replay in our exclusive group. This ensures that you can access the wealth of knowledge shared by Carrie at your convenience. Whether you're managing a busy schedule or in a different time zone, you can stay up-to-date and fully engaged with your learning journey. Revisit the material as often as needed to reinforce your understanding and application of the strategies discussed.

Who Should Enroll?

- Aspiring coaches eager to create a significant online presence.

- Individuals ready to convert their passion into a prosperous coaching venture

- Entrepreneurs seeking a flexible learning program coupled with expert mentorship

Your Investment

Investing in Wealth Coach Foundations means committing to your future success. You'll gain not only the knowledge and skills to thrive but also access to an exclusive mentorship experience with Carrie Anne Yu.

Ready to Transform Your Coaching Career?

Join Wealth Coach Foundations today and take the first step toward a lucrative and fulfilling coaching journey. With self-study flexibility and live mentorship, your path to success is clear and attainable.

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Embark on a Journey to Success with Elite Group Coaching

Elevate your coaching business to unprecedented heights with Carrie's renowned expertise. Renowned for guiding multi-six-figure coaches to work smarter, earn more, and break through to the seven-figure threshold, Carrie also specializes in catalyzing success for those just beginning or seeking a breakthrough after years of stagnation.

When you enroll in Wealth Coach Foundations, you're not signing up for an ordinary course—you're stepping into the express lane to success. Under the mentorship of Carrie Anne Yu, a celebrated Forbes-featured millionaire, you'll gain access to an exclusive repository of knowledge and a supportive community driven by ambition.

Experience the transformative power of live coaching sessions with Carrie, tailored to fit your schedule and designed to propel your business forward. This is your moment to convert aspirations into tangible achievements. Don't just dream of prosperity—make it your reality. Enroll now and begin the transformation from potential to prosperity.

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